Obsessed With Creating Value

We are obsessed with creating value, and continuously improving the customer experience of our clients. Every day we ask ourselves, “how can we do better?”, “how can we serve our clients better?” We evaluate our success based on customer experience and community impact. We, therefore, benchmark ourselves against top international standards. This is why we were delighted to partner with Imperial College of London’s Business School for their MBA Global Experience Week. We worked with five of their MBA students for a week to ask Continue reading →

Proud To Work With The Best – Happy Birthday Turn ‘n Tender!

Famously known for your love of great steak, excellent taste in wines and warm ‘n welcoming atmosphere where customers become friends. A restaurant where many create a lifetime of memories over a meal. A place where stories become legends. We are honoured to work with the best and are proud to help you clean and maintain spotless kitchens and windows. Happy Birthday Turn ‘n Tender. From the Spotless Team.


“Do you think there are any companies in Africa with an annual turnover of a billion dollars?” I asked the class of MBA students at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. They all hesitated. “There must be at least one!”, one student chimed in. I smiled. This was my icebreaker during a guest lecture I was giving to MBA students as part of their Emerging Markets class. I took a few quick votes by show of hands and at least half of the class Continue reading →

Building Cleaning

Spotless! Helping you clean the window through which you must see the world. Learn more about our spotless cleaning services today. Call: 0955724271/0950877770 Spotless! We make you shine.